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I love Goa. The first time I came here was 1987 when I took a break from the Ashram in Poona. It was still primitive then. I remember a western girl laying on the beach in her bikini when a busload of Indian men walked towards her, neckties and all, and gathered around her, staring at her. There were tourist operators who organised trips for Indians to go and see western girls almost naked walking the beaches of Goa!

This time it was much more relaxed. Many more guesthouses, hotels and restaurants but when you want to have a more quiet time, Arambol beach is the best place to be. I stayed in Luciano’s Guesthouse where we had a great time. Every morning I could just walk out of my room straight onto the beach. The water was perfect and the sun not too hot.

Arambol is in the north of Goa. there is a small beach that is north of Arambol, Sweetlake, that is very quiet. Some old sannyassins of OSHO have their meditation thing going on there and there is an actual sweet lake. For those who want to escape the parties of Goa beaches, this is the place.

On the path to Sweet Lake there is the house of Neeru, an old sannyassin therapute from OSHO, that is living here and organising groups. I was curious about her as I have been sannyassin from my 19th birthday and spent a lot of time in the Ashram in Pune. The first time I met her she began to confront me straight away. I was supposedly totally in my mind and obviously needed to join her group. I was stunned by her aggressive approach. I wasn’t one of her pupils, didn’t assign to any of her courses… My mother is a therapist and I am raised with therapy whole my life, and I know every trick in the book. I could only look at her with astonishment, that she thought it was ok to play these games with people.

Ilse joined the group Neeru started and she wasn’t allowed to see me for two weeks. When she came out Neeru had told her she could see her future and we were going to split up. Really? I had to laugh about this, but Ilse was really confused about this and made moves to break up. We had some long talkes and I was wondering how a therapist thought to have the right to tell anyones future. In my world if someone really can see the future, and there are only few, then you have to ask the person before you start projecting your idea of the future on someone else. But no, Neeru, as she told me, feels that she has the right and duty to do so. And she does a lot. She leaves a trace of broken relationships because of her predicting capabilities. lol. I know what is going on. It is not nice and totally unprofessional, Neeru. You really have to reconsider your standpoint here.

Ilse came out with millimetres hair and she had gone through a lot, mostly very good for her. We did not split up then, it took us another year…

I love Goa, the palm trees, the beach, the flee market, the roads driving my Royal Enfield, the people that come there. You can make some nice trips to Anjuna, Baga and Calangut beach, Panjim, Vasco da Gama, Margao, Harlem Waterfall, Dudhsagar Falls, Hampi.

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