Accident with a Royal Enfield in India



It is bound to happen that you are going to get an accident. The roads in India are crazy. From the cows and dogs running on every road, including the highways, to crazy Indians driving their bicycle zigzagging the road, cars and motorbikes shooting out from little streets or people crossing the road without looking around. I don’t think there is a lot of difference between the situation between Nepal and India although the roads in Kathmandu Valley are sure very good.

On our way from Goa I fell over a few times. The bike was heavy packed and sometimes I had to do the impossible. Nothing seriously happened but one time I almost couldn’t get the bike straight up anymore. The load of 2 backpacks, the boxes with tools and stuf, and two small backpacks together with the Machismo 500 CC was almost too much.

Just recently, after 20 months of driving through India and Nepal, I slipped on a downhill road. I just came back from Tosh on my way to Kasol when a bus came my way. There was hardly space for the bus so I had to move aside. When the bus passed I was driving on small stones, which is the most dangerous to have on the road. I had to brake and I slided. It all went so fast. Next moment I find myself on the street trying to shut down the engine. I had some blood on my right hand and elbow. Luckily it was all not that bad. The strange thing was that I had felt not to leave Vashist because I knew I was going to get some accident, but I had to go to put out posters to see if anyone would buy my bike.

I drove on to Kasol and asked in a restaurant if they had something to treat my wounds. They told me I had to go to the medical shop. These shops have some kind of dokter who is treating people as well as selling medicine. The shop was closed and I had to wait until 10 AM before it opened. The man was very helpful. I wanted to buy bandage and a disinfectant but he offered to treat me. He charged me Rs 100 for cleaning my wounds, putting some iodine gel on them and put the bandage around my hand and elbow.

I drove on to Manali, another 2 hours drive, only to find my right leg being stiff. I had a rubber egg in my right pocket with which I joke around. I fell right on top of it en it bruised some muscle inside my leg. I didn’t have any blue mark or anything. The days after I could hardly walk. I took baths in the hot water spring bathing place underneath Damini guesthouse. That helped tremendously. Walking down these difficult stairs was a terrible adventure. My leg really hurt. But after the hot bath my leg was relaxed and soft and I could walk up easily.
The fall had brought me in a light state of shock. I got feverish and was shaking severely in the night when I was walking to the toilet. I always have colloidal silver with me and I drank my water with it. It always helps immediately and the next morning I was feeling a lot better.

I always travel with a tube of Aloe Heat Lotion to treat my joints and muscles.
Baking soda against acid in my stomach, brushing my teeth (sometimes), and against fungus on my feet.
Colloidal silver water as an antibiotic.
And this time I used medicinal honey to treat an infection in my colon.

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