My last weeks in Nepal were very intense and emotional. A lot of things happened. Nepal let me feel gratitude for everything, the nice and the less nice things. Fully being grateful for every moment is powerful. It gives an enormous power of love through your whole system. 

Anyway, I’m very grateful for this beautiful journey, which in the meantime has ended. The beautiful experiences and many meetings of this journey let me feel rich. Planning of the trip was not possible, just like life. By travelling I finally learned that that’s okay. Life will present itself and solutions you can find everywhere.

In the moment, a new start is unfolding in the Netherlands. I’m very curious what life will bring! For starting to import products from Nepal, we bought a lot of samples. So you hear from us soon!

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About the Author:

Ilse was looking for a fulfilling life and being joyful for many years. Through a lot of learning experiences and becoming consciousness about it, finally fulfilling and joy are coming into her life.