An extra day in Varanasi!


March 14, 2016

Because of rain and thunderstorm, what is very unusual for this time of the year, we stayed an extra day in Varanasi. Very nice! 

The day started with giving up the drama of my mind of being insecure. After that, without thinking about it, I defended a dog with puppies and warned other tourist for the same scam they tried with us. Then I realised that things I do don’t have to be big/important, it’s okay if they’re small.


In the afternoon it was good weather to do a boat trip at the Ganges. Finally 2,5 hours, very beautiful! A lot of people are burned here at the burning ghats. Apparently, sometimes people are just put in the water without burning. Because we saw three dead bodies in the water in different stages of decomposition. A strange experience… It was touching, making me more aware of my own death. And that makes me more aware of trying to enjoy every moment of life!  



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