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Yesterday evening I had (another) argue with Tilasmi. About earning money. He earns his money now on the road with several things and I felt frustrated that I still do not. Then I noticed to ask myself the question “Do I really want to earn my own money? Or does something of my mind sabotaging that?” Because it was already very late and I was tired I postponed this question to this morning. So I asked this to myself while waking up and the answer was “No, than I have to be responsible for the whole world.”  That is not true. And I felt it is about grow up and being mature.

Walking at the beach I felt totally disconnected with my body. So I did deep breathing and suddenly I felt to bow down. There was magic happening. My mind became very quiet and energy from my belly took over. I started drawing in the sand and doing my body activities. I felt so joyful. I thought in bed this morning that writing about my shadows in this blog can be boring for you. However, for me it is relieving, because I don’t have to hyde myself anymore. And there suddenly I had an idea about sharing your shadows with me. I will write about it in a separate article. Everything felt great!

While I wanted to share my great experience with Tilasmi I felt arrogance again. Looking at it, I could see the fear of rejection about my story. He didn’t;). So, now I also saw the source of my arrogance, great! Because now I can transform it in a positive way, accepting myself.

Today I worked a lot behind my laptop, because I was so excited about the new things that are coming up. In the afternoon I started packing, because we will leave tomorrow morning at 4 am. Go traveling again, makes me always a little bit nervous. Going to the unknown…

I’ll miss the ocean. I never knew it is such a great cleaner for body and mind. So thank you, thank you, thank you ocean!


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