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I had a business in the Netherlands, I was a contractor – carpenter – cabinet maker. The crisis from 2008 had me live anti-squad and sleep in my car when my work was too far away. Every year there were two months I could not find any work. I had to borrow from the bank to avoid all the huge fines that were put on top when you don’t pay in time. In the Netherlands you are forced to have medical insurance and financially I got to the point that I had to choose between health food and no insurance or insurence and super market junk food. I chose my health.

I started to investigate the cause of the crisis and discovered the banking systems scheme. They are creating money out of thin air and borrowing it against interest into the economy. This is nessecary because in this system the interest is not created, so more and more debt-currency has to be inserted into the economy. These banks created the housing bubble, got saved and the people have to pay the bill for the damages without having a say in how this system is run or discussing any alternatives.

I started a few organisations. One of them was educating how to start a local interest free currency. The other one promotes a court system for and by the people, het Volkstribunaal. Then I became a activist journalist and wrote for my blog ‘De Ommekeer’. As I dove deeper in all these issues I became a anarchist. Not one that is against evrything kicking against thiese fake authoroties, but one with a philosofic background handing alternatives. Reading Larken Rose’s book ‘Most dangerous superstition’ which explains how the believe in the state is the most dangerous religion because it is bases on assumptions that are totally wrong. We live in a world where we believe that our human rights are rights noone should take from us and there we have the state that is violating almost all of them. Who protects us from ourr protector?

After 5 years of activism and publically refusing to pay anymore tax to an organisation that claims to represent me but doesn’t and has a real criminal intent, I decided to leave the Netherlands and try to find my luck somewhere else.


I arravied with my girlfriend in India where we decided to buy a motorbike. Traveling by bus took us smack in the middle of the tourist area’s where we were targeted for our money. This wasn’t the experience we wanted to have. We wanted the freedom to go to remote places where we would meet the uncorrupted Indian people, cheap hotels and guesthouses and good local food. We bought the Royal Enfield in Goa, Arambol, at Lucky Enfields Garage. A 500 CC Royal Enfield made ready to make the big trip. Ilse left for the Netherlands when we arrived in Nepal. I stayed. There is only a future of poverty in the Netherlands for me. The government has raised my tax debt from €800 to €83.000 and the banks who created the crisis want the money back I had to borrow to survive. Stuck between an hammer and a hard plate now also the police is looking for me because of my posts on Facebook. I am calling for the arrest of my government for years now….

I am not planning to go back anywhere soon. I am surviving here trying to set up some business with exporting handmade products from Nepal. Have a look at our products and maybe you like to get involved… I have a few factories working with me that produce Felt, Thanka’s, Wolen Shawls, Tibettan Cupboards, Prayerflags, Yogamat bags, Handmade paper products, etc. We will send our products straight to your shop from Nepal.

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